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beach babies

This past week we joined the rest of our family from across Europe in Bellaria, Italy. This was our all Europe retreat (AER). I will NEVER complain about going to Italy :). The food is incredible, the sun is always out and in this case we stayed right on the beach. Since living in Belgium we have learned to NEVER take the sun for granted.

So we spent some time at the beach, and the boys LOVED it!!


Colton and his buddy Micah. Colton was on a constant search for crabs.



The mornings were spent in group sessions with other from Europe, connecting, praying, worshiping and vision casting. So many great things are happening in Europe and we are so blessed to be a part of it.

While the adults were in session, the kids were also being poured into. A wonderful group of woman from Sun Coast Cathedral in St. Pete., FL, poured into our kids and it was the biggest blessing! Colton would come out of his class singing songs and begging to go back. Ryland was so loved by his teachers and I know they both received so much. We are so thankful for how they loved on, poured in and taught our boys during those few days.

We are thankful for the time away, we are thankful for some new friends we made and we are thankful for Italy!