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Birthday for Abe

Abe's 1

We wanted everyone to know we celebrated Abe birthday this week! We aren’t exactly sure of his birth, but we think that this week would be a good time to celebrate his presence to the Tarantino Family 😉 This week has been a busy week for the little guy. His grandma came for his party as well as his second and third cousins from Ohio and Florida. He has had plenty of entertainment around the house!

Hannah's Cake

Hannah is continuing to improve her cooking skills and this is what she came up this past week. Man was it good! The first night we had some cake she gave us good size pieces which were too big, so last night the portions were a little more bearable 😉 Plus a side of is [danish for icecream] 😉

Our time in lovely Michigan is coming to a close. We will soon be on our way to Florida. I really don’t want to share the days because I am sure time will fly to fast if we do. I am sure we will be posting more as times draws near.