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Kendice, Slovakia

Every story matters.

Trying to understand God´s love is so overwhelming. Lately I have been in awe of God´s grace; His ability to have this unending patience with us because He loves us SO MUCH. Each and every person on this earth has their own unique purpose given by God himself. I love Ecclesiastes 3:11, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

Deep inside everyone has this inner tension of eternity. It drives people to find their purpose. God´s master plan involves everyone.

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and so enters the world Ryland William Tarantino

During my pregnancy with Ryland I had some major fear and anxiety over my delivery. I can't really explain why, as I had a great experience with Colton's delivery, except that it was just a spiritual battle I needed to work through. I spent a lot of time preparing myself mentally and in the bible to tear down my fear and build up my faith so that when the time came to deliver Ryland I could do it with a peaceful mind and heart, knowing that would make the whole process a lot more enjoyable and easier on my body. So much of the experience to me is mental.
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Ministering in a time of tragic loss

On March 28th Master´s Commission Amsterdam North (MCAN) tragically lost first year student, Daniel LaCroix, in an accident. To say that Daniel was an incredible man of God would be to understate his passion, integrity, fortitude, unwavering-faith, and beautiful heart for worship. During their trip to Moldova, the team was able to hear Daniel speak multiple times on how he experienced a deeper level of intimacy with God the past few months. Today, we know he is experiencing the deepest of that intimacy as he stands before the love of his life, Jesus Christ.
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To be driven by compassion, what exactly does this mean?

God is showing me more and more just how hurt our world is. Everywhere we go and everywhere we look people all carrying all kinds of pain. I don’t think this is anything new, but I do think that it is easy to become numb to it and just accept it as life. We do this as a defense mechanism, because it’s easier to just ignore than to let it drive us into action. I find it so interesting how in the bible when it mentions how Jesus was moved with compassion that it actually means a feeling so strong that it moved him into some kind of action.

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