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No One Saw it Coming

We have been in a unique season. Our family is in a particularly unique season as this is the longest we have been stateside in 13 years, but in general I think most of us are going through something right now we…

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March Madness

THIS MONTH HAS BEEN LIKE AN EXTREMELY DRAMATIC BATTLE. Just 3 weeks ago we had our annual Resolute Conference. We emailed asking you to pray and we thank you for all your prayers. We also want to thank Rockford First,…

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Kendice, Slovakia

Every story matters.

Trying to understand God´s love is so overwhelming. Lately I have been in awe of God´s grace; His ability to have this unending patience with us because He loves us SO MUCH. Each and every person on this earth has their own unique purpose given by God himself. I love Ecclesiastes 3:11, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

Deep inside everyone has this inner tension of eternity. It drives people to find their purpose. God´s master plan involves everyone.

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beach babies

This past week we joined the rest of our family from across Europe in Bellaria, Italy. This was our all Europe retreat (AER). I will NEVER complain about going to Italy :). The food is incredible, the sun is always out and in this case we stayed right on the beach. Since living in Belgium we have learned to NEVER take the sun for granted.

So we spent some time at the beach, and the boys LOVED it!!

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Colton’s first day of school

IMG_0792The house has not been this quiet in 3 years! Today was Colton’s first day of school, Maternelle (pre-k). This is a milestone that has overwhelmed me for the past year. I felt so lost in the beginning trying to figure out the Belgian system, how to find a school and where to place him. In the beginning it overwhelmed me so much that I just procrastinated and kept on procrastinating. I shouldn’t be surprised that God knew what I needed without me even having to ask. One day something in me just motivated me to look on a certain website and I discovered all the Maternelle’s he could attend. It’s like the Lord just gave me a nudge knowing I didn’t have much time left to find a place. The schools here fill extremely fast. Some say you should already sign up during their first year of life. The next day I brought a friend with me to visit the ones closest to our place. The school directly across the street from our apartment had only 7 places left and if I had waited one more week they would of been filled. We were able to meet the director and take a tour of the school and I had an overwhelming sense of peace that this was where Colton needed to be.

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