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Cloth Diapers

When I was pregnant with Colton I decided to look into cloth diapering. I’m not really sure why… I have a friend or two that do it and so it intrigued me I guess. Once I started looking into it I found that there are a lot of perks to cloth diapering, but what sold me was how much money I would save. After calculating how much I would spend on disposable diapers here in Belgium I found out I would save at least $2,000 just in the first year!


I have loved it and still continue to love it! I never have to worry about going out and buying diapers or if we can afford diapers this month. Plus I think they’re super cute and Colton seems to be happy with them (like he knows the difference, but still!).



Several of you have been asking me about them so here is an overview of what I have in my set up:

Inserts (left) Cloth wipes (center) covers (right)


FLIP diapers


I chose these diapers because they adjust as your baby grows. They will last from 7 IBs- 35 IBS.


I HIGHLY recommend these diapers. They have been the best for us, just so easy. The package comes with 2 covers and 6 inserts. When your baby just has a wet diaper you change the insert and when he has a little something more you change the whole package. Our bathroom is so small that our shower head actually reaches to the toilet and so we just use that to rinse poopy diapers. If you have the luxury of having your shower head far away from your toilet, they sell shower heads that can attach to your toilet for this very purpose. You can find one here on the bottom where it says The Potty Pail Diaper Sprayer.


I read somewhere, can’t remember where now, a recommended amount of covers and inserts so we got 12 covers and 36 inserts (6 packages). This amount has been perfect.


I just found a store here where I could order online and sent them to my mom and she brought them over.


Cloth wipes

If you’re going to do cloth diapers it’s easiest to do cloth wipes as well. Then everything goes in one place and you don’t have to separate trash and wash. I got mine here:


I have the two sided wipes. I bought 4 packages of 12 and that’s been a great amount as well.



Disinfectant Solution

Disposable wipes you buy in the store have a disinfectant in them, but when you use cloth wipes you obviously don’t have that. I got these solutions that you can either mix in a bottle and spray on your babies behind before wiping (which I do) or premix it and have the wipes soaking in it before hand.


I just keep a bunch of wipes wet in a plastic box (I got from Ikea) and when I change him just spray his little bottom with the disinfectant spray and wipe with the cloth.


I got two different concentrates (homestead baby wipes companion and kissaluvs diaper lotion potion) from this website here as well as the 4 oz. spray bottles. Just add 1 TBS of the solution in the bottle and fill the rest of the bottle with which hazel (you can get super cheap in walmart/target etc.)


AND they smell great!


Wet bags


LOVE these wet bags. I recently just added this to my system and it makes laundry with cloth diapers SO easy. You just fill with the dirty cloth diapers (which by the way seal out the smell and it’s like you have no dirty diapers in your house at all) and then when it’s time to wash just push the bag inside out and throw the whole thing in the wash with the diapers.


I have a extra large one for the house and a small one for the diaper bag.



Other Information:

I’ve also found this site (my recommendations portion) to be really helpful:


This site also gives some good insight setting up a cloth diapering system (what you need etc.):

Plus sides:

1. Save lots of money

2. Less diaper rashes for baby (at least that’s been our experience)

3. Super cute looking diapers

4. Better for the environment


Down Sides:

1. More laundry

2. Cloth diapers seem to leak more than disposables.

3. A little extra work when changing a poopy diaper.


We do usually buy disposables if we’re going out of town for a while and can’t wash them where we’re going. All-in-all though I’ve been very happy with our cloth diaper system thus far and would recommend it if you’re looking to save some money and trash.