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Copenhagen, Denmark

Being back in Copenhagen was almost to good to be true. It had been over 8 months since we last stepped foot in this great country and it was such a great time being with old friends again. We spent as much time as we could with our adopted Danish family, the Kornbeks. Anytime we can make it to Denmark we make sure they are in the country so we can be with them. We call them our European mom and dad and brothers and sisters.


I tried to take some time to myself and I took also with me Martins camera which I don’t know how to use very well but I decided that I would take a trip to Roberts and shoot as many shots as I could along the way. Roberts was and still is my favorite coffee place in all the world! Starbucks can’t beat this place. The pictures you will see are shot during the day so you really can’t get the feel for what this place is really like, especially when night arrives and the only light you find there is by candles.


I actually hear while I was over there that a Starbucks is on the way. I never thought Denmark would let a chain come in like that, but I am pretty sure Denmark won’t be Starbucks strongest income. I am not sure a chain can grab the feeling that so many cafes hold inside of Copenhagen. One of things we miss the most is the ability to go to a cafe at any point in the day. There is never a point in the day that you find a coffee shop empty, people are always there 😉 It’s great. Yet, you do wonder if people ever work!

Hopefully you enjoy the pictures. And hopefully I will soon be able to get the camera I used taking these pictures. the Canon 30D 😉