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First Two Weeks

It’s crazy to think that our baby boy is already two weeks old!! So much has happened in these two weeks that it seems to be much longer and at the same time flown by so quickly it makes me question, “has it really been two weeks?”.

Since we have been home we have locked ourselves out of the apartment TWICE. Not once have we done this before. I’ve been warned that when you enter parenthood you become scatterbrained… I’m finding this to be very true. Both Nolan and I are paranoid about having our keys… how could this have happened twice already. Of course it happens when our landlord is on vacation in Italy… leaving no one with a spare key around. Thankfully our friend Mike saved the day for us. We had left our back window open and our neighbor below us allowed us to go through her back yard. He climbed a ladder that barely allowed him to reach the window sill and jumped from there into the window. Mike Self you’re our hero!!

Other than the struggle to find our brains at times we are enjoying every second. Colton is already changing. I’ve started to look at him and think there is no way he would fit inside me now. His eyes are open more and his personality is showing more and more. I hope you’re able to see some of that through the videos we’ve posted.

One thing is for sure… we are blessed!!! Everyone comments on how calm and content of a baby he is. He sleeps well at night and is happy throughout the day. We’re finding a new rhythm to this new life and loving it!!