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July 29th – 2007

One year is quickly approaching the New Tarantinos 😉 Hannah not too long ago asked what we were going to do for our anniversary. It got me thinking becauseI really didn’t know what would be fun in the area we where living.

For our honeymoon we traveled from Fort Myers up the East Coast to cities such as
[+] Myrtle Beach, [+] Baltimore, [+] NYC, [+] Cleveland and back home. Along the way we did a few baseball games and that was a lot of fun! Even Hannah was able to enjoy it 😉 But the one thing we didn’t do which we had planned was to catch Rascall Flatts in concert. Since we missed that and with a little inspiration I thought of one great idea!!!!


No, not Rascall Flatts but the first best thing before them!!! Tim McGraw and Faith Hill!!! Oh yeah!!! They are playing just an hour away in July and that is where we will be celebrating our one year anniversary!!! I think the experience will be pretty fun. Plus you see that blue catwalk… well that is where we will be!!! Just a few rows from the front and right next to it, so hopefully we can take a few shots! It’s going to be fun either way.

Hannah said this is something she has always wanted to do.