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Life in Moldova

This past week I jumped on a plane and headed east to the country of Moldova. Moldova borders Romania to the west, which is apart of the European Union, and to the west, Ukraine. The only prior time to heading this far over into Europe was a trip back in 2001 to Romania. It didn´t take long to realize Moldova and Romania were a lot a like from my memories.

I had the privilege of working with Convoy of Hope Europe to fly out there and document a huge outreach they were putting on in the city of Ungheni. I met for the first time, the Darrin family, who graciously took me in. They really gave me a great Moldavian time while I was there! I was spoiled.

This past Saturday was the outreach. There were around 3,000 people who came through the entrance to receive medical attention, haircuts, spiritual guidance/prayer and food. The kids had a huge area set aside for them in which they played all day, even in temperatures hitting close to +100!!! What stuck out to me the most was the unity of the 4 pastors who put on the outreach together! (different denominations, too!!!) That´s not something you hear about everything.

At the end of the day, I find myself taking deep breathes looking at life realizing there is so much need. I know it´s beyond my comprehension, but having some small part in giving back to others has to be one of the greatest things in life. I subconsciously continue to make decisions that make life more complexed but I am thankful that life is pretty simple right now. I hope to always find the strength to continue to stay focused on what opportunities come our way.