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life in the oc


This morning my Aunt Lisa, two cousins Erika and Ethan, and I went to breakfast in San Clemente. The resturaunt was called Fishermans, and we sat out on the patio where the waves were crashing just in front of us. To the left were the boogie boarders and to the right were the surfers. As we ate I was just remembering going surfing with my friend Jessi, who is getting married this Sunday, and remembering the easieness of it all.

We’d go to a surf beach called San Onofre where there are mostly long boarders and where the old surfer men spend their days in the waves without a worry. It reminded me of a part of California that I love the most… the “no worries” part.


It is a saying californians say a lot and a mentality that lives amongst this state. I’m not saying they are stress free, if you’ve driven here you know that’s not true, but they do seem to have a grasp on a worry free life than any other place I’ve lived. Just a few thoughts that have been going through my head today. It’s been a restful day.