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San Diego Zoo

While we were in California we took a day trip down to San Diego to see Nolan’s cousins who also have a little boy just a few months younger than Colton. Together we all went to the San Diego Zoo.

Here is Colton with his cousin, Giovanni, checking out the fishes.

The panda’s were so fun to see! They sat there eating bamboo like they were there to observe us.

My favorite, the elephants!!!

But my absolute favorite part was watching Colton in the petting zoo. He had NO fear as he ran up to all the goats to pet them!! Pure delight! Here is a recap of the two little cousins at the zoo together and in it you see Colton’s adventure in the petting zoo area.


We ended the day with a little Yogurtland treat in Little Italy. Here’s Nolan with his cousin Kristin, Colton and Giovanni. So thankful for the time we get with family and a special trip to the zoo.