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The Fall and Friends.

Fall in Brussels means the weather is going to be rainy! A few weeks ago the colors of fall were really starting to get beautiful but it didn´t take long for typical Belgian weather to start taking leaves off the trees. On Sunday we decided that if the weather presented sun we were going to make it to a park and enjoy autumn at it´s finest… all while throwing an American football 🙂 Our friends Julia and Mike joined us as Hannah and I took Abe to the Abbaye de la Cambre.

I think what was most enjoyable about being at the park was just sharing a moment with friends. It´s not often Hannah and I get to stop and enjoy the moments around us like we were able too on Sunday. This Abbey is just in the middle of the city but located in a valley so the outside sounds are easily drowned out. There were many people out walking around the Abbey and many would stop to look at Mike and I. I guess the American football and the loud energetic noises from two guys running in a quiet Abbey might of drawn the response 🙂 There was even a time someone was walking their dog and they let their dog go to come play with us. There´s something about Europe that we just love. Having Abe there was great! Belgium is home to every man and women owning dogs so seeing a cat at the park was a unique sight! Many dogs enjoyed a stare with Abe but unfortunately, Abe never really cared about them. Abe was always consumed with the new smells and fresh grass to eat!

For the past month Hannah and I have had a guest staying with us. In the pictures you will see Julia Duthie. Julia lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. If you were to ask Julia about her home town, home church and family you will find out very shortly she lives in the best city in the world, has the best church in the world and the greatest family. Julia´s family has been long time friends of Michael McNamee, our boss, and we have had the opprtunity to work with their church as they are starting a Master´s Commission program in Aberdeen in the coming year. Hannah and I have been having such a great time having her stay with us. It´s doesn´t take long before you just adopt her into your family, even though she isn´t the biggest fan of our Abe. By the way… Abe who has a serious crush on Julia 🙂