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The Walkabout.

Hannah and I decided that our Saturday would be dedicated to apartment hunting. Once we moved our luggage to the EMC building where we are staying now, we drove with Albert who dropped us off downtown in the area where I posted about earlier. When he dropped us off we thought we were going to have to buy an umbrella because it was raining ( and since it rains like 200 days out of the year, we thought one would be in call for). We walked in a department store only to find out that the little umbrella’s we would want where 25 euro or $40! There was nothing to the umbrella. So if anyone in the states would like to find Hannah a small one to put in her purse, please send one 😉

ATTN: Hannah Tarantino
45 Chaussee de Waterloo
1640 Rhode St. Genese

That’s the office here. We can always receive mail or packages there. It’s the best address to send to by the way.

For Rent???

It wasn’t long before the rain stopped and walking downtown couldn’t of been more perfect. I am not sure how much we walked, but we went up and down street after street looking for apartments, and admiring the unique characteristics of all the rest. Our goal on each street was always to look for the orange signs saying Tu Huur or Louer! We actually were able to find a good number, so hopefully this week we can get a few appointments going. The majority are close to being out of our range, but we will see what happens. The thing that gets us is that each place is unique in the charges that are on top of the rent vary so much. Charges cover the cleaning of your doorway to electricty/water/heat. The majority of the time it’s only the water, but you never really know, and the charges can vary from 25-150 euro! Seriously! Why the huge difference!!!

So keep that in prayer this week please.

All the walking around really gave us an appetite and in the middle of the walking we past a Oriental little shop, and all I remember was looking through the glass at the food they had and it just looked great. I know that my smell of the food was the one talking before my mind was set on what the food actually was though. I was so set on checking it out, that Hannah and I made our way back to the restaurant. It was actually a Lebanese little place. The menu was on the door before you walked in and I just looked at Hannah because I had no clue what any of it meant. It was the type of place where you walked in and just picked what you wanted to eat, so you had to have an idea or else… well it was pointless to go. So after debating wether we should eat or not, we said let’s try it. The guy looked at us and asked what we wanted in French and I said I have no clue what to order. So he told us to sit down and he would bring each of us a plate! TALK ABOUT OH NO, WHAT DID I JUST DO!!! Anyways, the wait wasn’t too long before this girl brought over a heaping plate full of Lebanese food! I know I was really hungry, but everything on the plate was just amazing! I couldn’t of ordered anything better! We loved it. Hannah said it was the best humus she has ever had!

So for those that love Lebanese food, if you come see us we will make sure to take you there!