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Tribe Love.

Cleveland Indians!!!   

   Ok, so lately the biggest issue Hannah and I have had to deal with is my lack of discipline when it comes to passion for the Cleveland Indians! For years I have been following the Indians, and each year has it’s ups and downs. This year I have been able to watch most games that they play since dad and I went together and bought this package that lets you watch games anytime/anywhere.

   Well, when the Indians win my life is flying high, but when they lose… I guess I must show my attitude around the house 😉 Anyways, I don’t do so well on showing patience when I watch so Hannah is trying to help me become better disciplined. Lately the Tribe haven’t done as good as they should be, and the season is coming to an end soon.

   Right now they are fighting the division against Detroit Tigers. And since Detroit is somewhat close I bought Hannah a present and we are going to a game next Wednesday 😉 So… fingers crossed that they pounce on Detroit 😉 Or else that is going to be one long drive home!!!