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April Showers bring…

Snow and cold???

Last week was so nice in Europe. Spring was in the air. When we left MI there was also a feel spring. When we flew back home we were told how amazing the week prior was… but that night there were clouds rolling in… those clouds not only brought some rain but it has left this morning with this outside my front door:


And not only that my Cleveland Indians had their home opener yesterday only to have the game cancelled after a few innings. I could never image playing baseball in that type of weather. Rain, Pure Heat… sure… but almost white out snow trying to hit a white ball??? No thanks! Watch out for those Indians this year… we could be cheering for them in October this year!!!

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One other little treat… there is different types of Candy in Europe. This one I met a few years ago and when we were back last week I had to buy it for a friend. They also have the not for boys bar as well… I think my cat is interested 😉