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Summer Fun with Grandma.


They said it would never happen again. It must of been a few years back when grandma and grandpa Pancoast where last up here in Klinger Lake. They told us that it was the last time they would be able to make it back up to Michigan. Who would of ever guessed that once again my grandparents are back up at the lake.

Just a minute ago I was out in the lake with everyone… and grandpa was telling us that it was back in 1927 that he first came to Klinger Lake. He was around 7 years old. It’s been almost 3 generations up here at the lake. It’s a God thing that both of them even made it down the 78 steps to the lake and to see them get in the water is just priceless. Today is a great day!


For the first time in many years my whole family is up here. I think I better get back out in the water with everyone. Hey, let me take a picture of my family out in the water with my awesome rocking Macbook 😉 . Yup, that’s them out there! We are missing one important person…. Hannah. She is having fun out in the California sun and we are enjoying the great Michigan sun!

That picture of me and grandma… well, she look at me really funny, completely confused on how that black book thing took a picture. Heehee!