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Sweet 16. Tribe!

2.00AM we finally pulled back to our house here in Sturgis and the morning work commute was quickly approaching, but to me that didn’t matter. What a night it was… Actually I am not sure I could of handled any more stress than I had last night. Yes, this drama all came from watching a baseball game, but not just any baseball game. It’s the Cleveland Indians!!!

The last time Hannah and I went to watch the Indians they won and had 16 hits in the ball game. Now, for those who don’t track baseball, that might not mean a lot but that is a great offensive game by professional baseball terms. So in keeping with Tarantino tradition the Tribe once again put the sweet 16 mark on the board to beat the Detroit Tigers. We most likely spent more money on seats than anyone in our row, but it was worth every penny to see what we did last night. We watch an incredible game, but one that had me sweating like non other.

When we first got to the field we had an older usher man seat us. For 2 or 3 innings we sat in these seats enjoying a great view until two men came to tell us that we were sitting in his seats. At first I defended myself because I knew we had the right seats… Unfortunately I was wrong and we had to move a section over. The section we moved to was actually better than the one we were at so I was pretty happy. Just as we sat down at our new seats the inning ended and inter-inning entertainment began… all of a sudden over the PA they announce that section 123 row 28 is a winner… that was our row!!! I have never won anything before especially at a sell out 40,000+ game! We won a cd and a Starbucks gift card! It really made the night fun…

Nothing made the night better though than Cleveland winning the ball game. I was definitely the only cleveland fan in my row and the only one in my area clapping and standing when they did well.

Take a look at the pics! It was truly an amazing night!