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Kendice, Slovakia

Italy Beach Week

48 hours after landing back in Belgium I was on another plane to Pisa, Italy to spend a week camping (in tents and everything) with around 100 teenagers. Many of the small group girls I’ve been meeting with the past year came and 17 different nationalities were represented in total. It’s such an amazing experience when so many cultures come together.

This camp had many purposes and one was certainly to relax and have fun together. It starts directly after school ends and we want to give them the space to unwind and decompress from their school year. The Italian sun certainly does that well. It was such a special time making memories with some amazing students! I’m particularly thankful to of had this time with some of the girls I’m closest to just before they head off to college. We relaxed at the beach, saw the leaning tower of Pisa, played at a water park and toured Cinque Terra. I love how God isn’t just about serious things, but is also in the unworried and fun times as well.

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When things go terribly wrong…

In my last 24 hrs this theme keeps repeating. Things going terribly wrong, cumulative problems that overwhelm and make me want to scream, difficulties that just continue to make their way into our lives, even when we are being obedient. When things seem to be going down the tubes how do we respond? What is our perception? Does God use and allow hardship to relay spiritual instruction? Or do we blame everything on the enemy?

This theme came about in a multitude of ways. First, I had a very overwhelming day of being buried in paperwork. Without going into boring details, I feel lost and frustrated in a Belgian system I don’t understand. It felt like I was hitting a wall at every corner trying to figure things out and I will confess I did not handle it all that well. It overwhelmed me and made me very edgy. I felt myself annoyed at how difficult life can be sometimes and asking God, why can’t things just be easy for once?

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