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Ripples Conference

Every year we bring all of our discipleship schools together for a conference. This is always a special time, but this year was unique.

This was the tenth year of the Masters Commission Europe conference. During the last decade we have seen 22 programs founded within 17 countries across the continent of Europe. Through these programs we have come to see 700 young adults equipped, trained and discipled. Read more

2 month Rewind

Rewind back to the turn of the new year….

I was a part of a trip called, Winterblitz, with Club beyond. This is the same group I’ve been leading a small group of high school girls with. We drove with 20 kids to the mountains in Austria and met about 400 other high schoolers for a week long camp. The days were spent skiing/snowboarding, playing games, one day we went to a water park and one day we went ice skating and shopping in the local town. In the evenings we had club talks, where a speaker shared the message of who God is and presented the gospel over the course of the week. Many of them were hearing this for the first time. After the club time we had cabin time, where we would have small group discussion. I had great talks with my girls during these times and it is something I will never forget. At the end of the week everyone was given an opportunity to follow Jesus. My heart bursts as so many of them, including several of the Brussels crew, made that life changing decision. God is moving in such an incredible way.

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Hope for Wallonia

Little tidbit… Did you know Belgium is split into three regions? You have the Brussels region, the capital, then to the north the Dutch speaking area called Flanders and to the south of Brussels, Wallonia, the French speaking area. Now you know!

There is a movement in Belgium called Hope for Wallonia. There are areas in Wallonia with no Christian presence at all. The network invites pastors, leaders and Christian business men to unite in reaching this area. The movement has asked the Summons to be a pivital part in reaching the youth of this area. We are so excited to partner together with them in sharing God´s message.

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The Power of Your Story

In November, I had a few speaking engagements. The first was north of Brussels, in the city of Antwerp, and the second was in the south of France, in Marseille, where we have a discipleship program. Both would cover a Sunday morning but in France they had also asked that I speak Saturday afternoon on the topic of prayer. I was very excited to share at both of these places as the last few months God has really been speaking to my heart. Read more