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Business as {un}usual, the 7VB way !

We say this all the time, but we LOVE what God is doing in Europe and we are so GRATEFUL to be a part of it. Each new season we find ourselves in, we see how God prepared us in the previous. This December we will celebrate our second year of our cafe and we still can’t believe how God is using coffee to open up doors for us to share who Jesus is. We know we have only scratch the surface on what we see God doing through this, so please continue to pray as we seek God’s wisdom in dreaming even bigger!

Business as {un}usual, the 7VB way ! 

Returning from the US business has continued as unusual because the theme we continue to hear is:

“there’s something different about this place”

“there’s a feeling like a soul here”

“we feel at home”

“there’s something, a feeling, we have when we come here”

“something is different about this place”

There’s many ways it’s been expressed but the presence of God is powerful and those who come into our cafe may not know the Lord but they can feel His presence. We see Him at work in this way. We have had people come who want to volunteer just because they feel something here. One lady actually told me because she saw something in our eyes that she felt drawn to volunteer. People are drawn to the Holy Spirit at work and he’s working in ways that only HE can do, we cannot create this ourselves. That is why it is so amazing to be a part of it!