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Vratza, Bulgaria- COHEU Community Event

So many places in Europe are in need. Communities are poor and vulnerable, but they have deep needs that go beyond just the physical. Convoy of Hope Europe’s (COHEU) desire is to bring the hope of Jesus to these people/communities in a practical way. One of the ways we do this is through community events. We partner with a local church and put on a party!

Recently Nolan traveled with COHEU to Vratza, Bulgaria to share hope through one of these community events.

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European Park Life

One of my favorite things about living in Europe are the parks!! Every where you go in Europe they have the most amazing and beautiful parks and the Europeans LOVE THEM!! During the summer they are absolutely packed with people lounging in the sun on blankets, walking, rollerblading, riding bikes etc. As we have definitely entered into Autumn weather here there are only a few randomly beautiful days left and EVERYONE takes advantage of them!

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Baby Shower

Come and SHARE with us as we SHOWER Nolan and Hannah with gifts for baby Micah/Miciah/Colton Anthony Tarantino. WE will be on SKYPE with them on May 22nd from 2-4pm. And then we will SEND their precious gifts off to Belgium for them to enjoy.

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The Fall and Friends.

Fall in Brussels means the weather is going to be rainy! A few weeks ago the colors of fall were really starting to get beautiful but it didn´t take long for typical Belgian weather to start taking leaves off the trees. On Sunday

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Life in Moldova

This past week I jumped on a plane and headed east to the country of Moldova. Moldova borders Romania to the west, which is apart of the European Union, and to the west, Ukraine. The only prior time to heading…

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